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At npersona, we are passionate about helping you unlock marketing insights to increase sales, drive down costs and beat the competition.

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You are at the Core of Our Strategy!

We believe in marketing, developing and managing products with you in mind first and foremost.

You come first

You are at the heart of everything we do.  At npersona, we are committed to helping you increase revenue by creating innovative solutions that will increase your sales and transform the market.

Innovative data products

You need to innovate to stay competitive.  With the right strategy, you can create market-changing products to help beat the competition, acquire new clients and add value to existing clients.

Marketing that leads to action

Your product launch will be a success with the right team on your side.  We will help you develop a winning marketing strategy that engages your customers and leads them to buy your products, keeping your brand top of mind.

Our Passion is Helping You and Your Customers Succeed!

We delight in delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

New product creation

We will work with your executive team, your product management and marketing team as well as your sales team to develop winning and innovative data driven products that will increase revenue from day one.

Product launch success

Successfully launching a product into a market takes a deep understanding of the market forces at play.  At npersona, we ensure that you will have product launch success by delivering a complete company and team readiness strategy.

Product strategy

At npersona, we strive to understand every element of your market.  That is why we will study your competition, talk to your current customers, research your partners and deeply understand your industry to deliver a successful product strategy.

Target market identification

Understanding your customers is critical to profitably launching a new product.   That is why target market identification is at the core of every aspect of the strategy that will be developed for you.

Competitor analysis

Markets are dynamic–competitors enter and exit, new products and new business models are introduced at a rapid pace.  At npersona, we value understanding the market and offer you a deep-dive analysis of the competitive landscape so that you can stay ahead.

Value proposition creation

Understanding where you add value to your customers is key in being able to grow your business.  At npersona, we help you develop a strong value proposition so that your messaging is on point and keeps you top of mind.

New pricing models

Pricing is a key factor in ensuring you are profitable and your customers are happy.  At npersona we believe that a well-researched pricing analysis is one of the key factors in developing a winning business model for your new product.


We are committed to increasing your revenue and your market share by creating market-changing new products and delivering great marketing results!


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